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Play or Skip: Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix

There's a cute pop track that's been trending on my social media newsfeed, and it's about Little Mix' new track, Shout Out To My Ex. Should I play or skip?


Happy 4th Birthday, WOMANIZER!

4 years Ago, a track was released from a famous pop singer and became a commercial success as it reached the top spot in US,¬†Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, and many more to mention, thus regaining this singer's crown as "Princess Of Pop". This popstar is Britney Spears. In the United States, "Womanizer" was her first… Continue reading Happy 4th Birthday, WOMANIZER!


The Return of No Doubt

For the record, I am not a huge fan of No Doubt, but I do love some of their songs. Last July 16, 2012, No Doubt released their comeback single, Settle Down, and is currently¬†receiving¬†millions of views on Youtube. My thoughts about the song? It's 2 Thumbs Up! I love the fact that they still… Continue reading The Return of No Doubt