Sweet Treats from Moonsky & Sunny

Sweet, delightful and mouthwatering -- no one can say no to this sweet treat no matter what the weather is!


Why FatCow Is Your Destination For Juicy Burgers

There are days when you crave for something meaty and juicy, and only burgers can satisfy that. Settling for a cheap and tasteless burgers won’t satisfy that, not even if it’s a buy one, take one. The only burger that can satisfy your craving is if it’s tasty, with pure beef patty and a delicious… Continue reading Why FatCow Is Your Destination For Juicy Burgers

Golden Prince Hotel

A Golden Afternoon at Golden Prince Hotel

How do you celebrate a 10-year anniversary? You could do lots of promos, and that’s it. Or you can plan out a series of meaningful and memorable events that signifies the core tenets of an institution or establishment. One of the well-known hotels in Cebu is celebrating their 10th year anniversary, and they’re making it… Continue reading A Golden Afternoon at Golden Prince Hotel


Getting Hooked with Nescafe Creamylatte

Never in my life that I would indulge my taste buds to a mug of coffee. And not just one mug, but two mugs per day. I didn't understand why my parents love coffee so much that they would consider having it every morning. Well, maybe not just my parents but to most people as… Continue reading Getting Hooked with Nescafe Creamylatte