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First Flight with Royal Air

Flying. I keep thinking about it as expensive. I keep thinking about it as a luxury. That it's too costly, we could've just take the ferry. It may take longer but hey, we could still get there. But think of all the hours wasted, when you could be at home faster, enjoying time with your… Continue reading First Flight with Royal Air

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Alita: A Monster Hit That Took Years To Complete | AOC Monitors Special Screening in Cebu

It took about more than a decade for Alita: Battle Angel to get out from the production hell and hit the theaters — and yep, it was years worth spending!   Currently, a monster hit on theatres, Alita: Battle Angel is a film packed with full-on action/tragedy with a little bit of sweet love, just… Continue reading Alita: A Monster Hit That Took Years To Complete | AOC Monitors Special Screening in Cebu

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Meeting Anna Cay: The Blog

This is the detailed blog of me and Mio's Meet & Greet with YouTube Beauty Vlogger, Anna Cay. It was a hot sunny afternoon when Mio and I went out to start our Saturday Adventure. We headed out to meet Mio's old colleague and treat ourselves to a Korean delight. We spent a couple of… Continue reading Meeting Anna Cay: The Blog

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Thank God For Airbnb

Back in my hometown, Iligan City, when we want to unwind and chill, there’s one commonplace in mind: Timoga -- to relax and enjoy the waters. Here in Cebu, if we want to chill out, there are a lot of options, especially resorts. However, you have to spend thousands of pesos just to enjoy that… Continue reading Thank God For Airbnb

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What Makes A Blogger Successful?

What makes a blogger successful? Is it the number of PR kits you receive? The increasing amount of followers? Or the endless invites to various events?   For me? The answer is neither of those mentioned.   I was recently invited to this big ball -- exclusive for bloggers, vloggers, and influencers in the Queen… Continue reading What Makes A Blogger Successful?