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Why Being A Google Local Guide Is Better Than Playing Pokémon Go

I’ll let this out with a heavy sigh. I am now bored of what I used to think as the most epic game ever, Pokémon Go. No, don’t tell me that I’m not a real fan or I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. I am still a Pokemon fan (especially Pokémon Nintendo games) but Niantic’s… Continue reading Why Being A Google Local Guide Is Better Than Playing Pokémon Go

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Oh Snap!: That Oh-So-Yummy Sundae!

Who would’ve thought that a low-priced android phone could capture a simple dessert into a luscious one with no help from photoshop?Using myPhone A848i, I took a snapshot of my simple sundae dessert, got amazed and made me crave for more sundaes!Check out this amazing android device:Photo Courtesy of myPhoneWhile checking that device, why don’t you try… Continue reading Oh Snap!: That Oh-So-Yummy Sundae!


Getting In the Android Hype

   I don't know if I am the last person on Earth who despises Touch Screen mobile phones. Their tiny buttons are impossible to my overly large thumbs. I used to own a touch screen unit once, and the texting experience was horrible! Well, maybe it was because it was a china phone, but I… Continue reading Getting In the Android Hype