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How To Survive College According To Maine

So, I was stalking Maine’s social media accounts (why? Because she’s cool.) and came across her account in I diligently read everything (well, almost. A lot of fans kept on asking about her and Alden which is meh) and this question definitely caught my attention. How to Survive College?   Well, how do you… Continue reading How To Survive College According To Maine

Cebu City Haze, 2015. Image Courtesy of
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Ways to Cope with the Southeast Asian Haze

With the latest haze incident affecting Southeast Asia, the health of millions are at risk. Called as 2015 Southeast Asian haze, is an air pollution crisis affecting several countries in Southeast Asia, including Brunei, Indonesia (especially its islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan), Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Thailand, and Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. Haze in Singapore,… Continue reading Ways to Cope with the Southeast Asian Haze

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“Believing” Justin Bieber and Britney Spears

  In the hype of Justin Bieber's "Believe" album, Britney Spears "believe"-ed as well.......thru fragrances. Britney Spears Believe celebrates its 5th year this coming September 24th, which was once controversial because of its logo, which was utterly similar to a t-shirt campaign organized by the Vancouver-based for-profit/charity hybrid, "Mondonation". The fragrance was said to be sensual and… Continue reading “Believing” Justin Bieber and Britney Spears