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Oops!… I Vlogged Again

It's been years since I vlogged in my YouTube channel and I gotta admit, I miss creating videos. During my MassCom days, videos are my thing. Though, some of my output were as crappy as ever 'coz I was settling for a cheap and easy-to-use video editor with crappy rendering tools. So, now I'm back,… Continue reading Oops!… I Vlogged Again

Power Rangers trailer
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WATCH: Power Rangers 2017 Film Trailer

Hold on to your morphers coz the official film trailer for the Power Rangers reboot is here! After the reboots of Transformers, X-MEN, TMNT, and among others, it won't be long till they reboot my favorite show from my childhood, Power Rangers. After months of poster teasers and screencaps, the first official trailer for this epic… Continue reading WATCH: Power Rangers 2017 Film Trailer